Candle magic spells for love

Candle magic spells for love are a popular and effective way to bring love and positive energy into your life. These spells can be used to attract a new love, strengthen a current relationship, or bring back a lost love.

Before you begin any candle magic spell for love, it’s important to set your intention and create a clear vision of what you want to manifest. This will help you focus your energy and ensure that the spell will be effective.

Here are some steps to follow when performing a candle magic spell for love:

  • Gather your materials: You will need a pink or red candle (pink for attracting new love and red for strengthening a current relationship), a piece of paper, a pen, and any other materials that you feel drawn to use (such as rose petals or essential oils).
  • Set the mood: Light some incense or burn essential oils that are associated with love and romance (such as rose or jasmine). Play some soft, romantic music to set the tone for your spell.
  • Prepare the candle: Carve your intention into the candle with a pen or a needle. You can write a specific person’s name or a more general intention (such as “true love” or “happiness in my relationships”).
  • Anoint the candle: Rub a small amount of essential oil onto the candle, starting at the wick and moving downward. As you do this, visualize your intention and imagine love and positivity flowing into your life.
  • Light the candle: Place the candle in a safe location and light it. As the flame burns, focus on your intention and visualize your desired outcome.
  • Perform the spell: There are many different ways to perform a candle magic spell for love, and you can customize it to fit your needs and preferences. Some options include:
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  • Writing a love letter or a poem and placing it under the candle as it burns.
  • Chanting a love spell or a mantra.
  • Meditating on your intention and visualizing yourself surrounded by love and happiness.
  • Extinguish the candle: When the candle has burned down to a safe level, extinguish it with a candle snuffer or by dipping it into a bowl of water. Be sure to dispose of the candle safely and clean up any wax or herbs that you may have used.

  • Seal the spell: To close the spell and seal your intention, you can thank the universe or any deities or spirits that you may have invoked. You can also perform an action that symbolizes your intention, such as planting a seed or lighting a second candle.


Attraction spell

 Light a pink candle and recite a love spell while focusing on attracting a new romantic partner into your life.

Strengthening spell:

Light a red candle and recite a spell asking for increased love and connection in your current relationship

Reuniting spell:

Light a white candle and recite a spell asking for the return of a lost love or the reconciliation of a past relationship.

Candle magic spells for love are a powerful and effective way to bring love and positive energy into your life. By setting your intention, focusing your energy, and performing the spell with care and intention, you can manifest the love and happiness that you desire.

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