Powerful Love spells are practiced in almost all parts of the world in different forms, it is not new, but it has been practiced from generation to generation and mostly what we find today are rituals and ways of casting a different kind of spells which people have learned from the aged.

The most common uses of spells are for casting love spells, love spells are very powerful if cast the right way. A powerful love spell came from those who practiced black magic and voodoo rituals. Now we should understand why love spells are the most wanted kind of spells, well the reason is mostly when we fail in love matters we do not have any other option but to approach something beyond nature and since magic and spells use powers from energies which are beyond nature hence the help of such energies were taken to sort out and bring success in love related cases.

Today internet and technology has developed a lot which has bought in many revolutions and changes in way of communication, hence we find that many learned spell casters share their ways of casting powerful love spells online via a website or some other media, we can even try those spells to get a result since one thing is for sure if it does not yield a good result it will for sure bring no harm or give birth to any evil. For a better understanding of the same below, I have summed up a few powerful love spells that you can cast yourself as well.

Powerful spells to get physical

I have seen many times that many people visit psychics in order to get this spell cast, because they feel like either their partner is not physically attracted towards them or cannot satisfy them physically or their partner is not getting satisfied by them physically, I have also seen a lot of females approaching the spell caster for this kind of love spell so that they can establish a physical relationship with someone who does not want to get physical with the lady. Hence there is a powerful love spell to make your wishes come true.

You would need a male genital candle, a picture of the person whom you want to get physical with, five dragon nails, first you have to take bath to cleanse your body, drain the water away from the bathtub and stay in the bathtub without any clothes, place the male genital candle inside the tub and stick the picture of the person with the help of the dragon nails, light up the candle and cast the below spell five times and each time you finish like the candle thinking it to be the genitals of the man. In five days you will be able to establish a physical relationship with the person whose picture has been used.

Powerful spells to get ex back

Another very frequently used love spell is all about bringing ex-lover back, it is easy to fall in love with someone but hard to forget the person if he or she ditches or leaves us and goes, it is like a failure which is not excepted, else a mistake or just a wish to get the lover back and leave as in the past, I have seen people who approach love psychics with this kind of spell requirement are mostly frustrated and broken, sad as well as desperate to make things work for them, a very learned spell caster would always give the advice to move on but if the candidate insists then they will provide the service to the same. Below is one such spell using a very powerful form of magic which is voodoo hence this love spell is one of the very powerful love spells to get ex back. This can be used by either gender to bring back his or her ex.

You would need a green lemon and fifteen pins along with a voodoo doll, make sure to purchase a voodoo doll or make one in your home resembling the gender of the person to be bought back. You would also need around 1 oz black mustard seeds and white mustard seeds and red cloth with five rose petals, a picture or used piece of cloth or a string of hair of the person on whom you want to cast the spell.

Using the pins stick the used piece of cloth or hair on the specific body part of the doll, that is hair goes on the head, shirt piece or top goes on the upper body part or jeans and trousers goes on the leg part of the doll, if you have a picture then cut the face from the picture and stick it on the face of the doll, then stick the five rose petals on the doll, one each on the head, face, body, sexual organ, and legs, then cut the lemon and squeeze it on the head of the doll to make it wet with lemon juice and stick the white mustard seeds on the head and black mustard seeds on the genitals, wrap the doll with the red cloth and then pin up the cloth using the pins so that it covers the doll completely, make sure no pins are left over and you have used them all.

Now one a new moon night, light up a heart-shaped candle and keep the doll in front of the candle, close your eyes and imagine the face of your lover and chant the spell written below fifteen times, do it for fifteen new moon days and on the sixteenth new moon day your lover would be back to you forever and ever.

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