Marriage Spell: A healing spell of a broken relationship

This marriage spell takes some 30 minutes to prepare. Two letters are going to begin by writing. You may speak to God and Goddess or to the Universe if you want.

In the first letter, describe the problems of your marriage and your feelings. None of you, except you, will ever read this letter. Get angry or sad, ring and rave as long as you honestly and truthfully express your feelings.

Now, once you’ve expressed all your feelings about your relationship, write down what you’d like to do in your relationship.

How would you like your wife to work for you? Do you want them to hear more, to give you more care? How’d you be pleased with a relationship?

Try to at least make this letter longer than or as long as your last letter. Go anywhere you can to the details. You may want to take some time to meditate, or to ground up and focus before you start spelling.

Performing the healing spell of the broken relationship

Collect all the ingredients in your spell (including the letters you wrote) and circle yourself. Light now your white candle, which is peace and spirituality, and your rosy candle, represents love and affection.

Take the first letter and put it on a fire – resistant plate. Fire it on, and feel the negative energies when it burns in your marriage or relation.

Recite these words: holy flames, take these energies away, let our relationship start today again.

Take the two string pieces for the second letter. Read the letter fast again and spend some minutes visualizing how happy and harmonious you and your beloved are together.

Now take the two pieces together and tie them to one end and make a long piece of string.

Ensure that the knot is powerful – it’s your relationship with your friend. Place the paper a couple of times and wrap the string.

As you do, say: “Help me to unite my love with God and goddess above.” May the strength of our bond increase, bring us a loving harmony and peace.

It’s mote, then. After you have closed the circle, prick paper and string close to a tree (try to see a birch or apple tree as it represents love but any tree is going to).

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