There are many who always ask this question. The answer is yes Love spells do work; if done in a proper way and following proper guidelines and using the proper energy then yes love spells do work.

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My love spells are for Beginners, they are Real, Simple, Effective and fast Working. All the spells are prepared on the basis of White Magic Spells.

Due to my busy work, I am not able to add spells daily.

These Effective Love Spells are strong and powerful and work fast and are instant. All the Magic spells are quick and effective.

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This is a very strong and effective love spell and as this spell does not require any ingredients that are why they are very easy to cast and anyone can cast this spell as this spell requires only chanting and nothing else.

If you want to attract someone towards yourself or get the attention of that person towards you then this spell is very effective for this purpose.

You will have to chant these words 300 times every day, you will have to divide your chanting timings, like 100 times chanting the words in the morning, then another 100 times in the afternoon and again in the night 100 times.

These are the words you need to chant __________ (name of the person your love) “MUJHE MILE ANHI ISHQ JAADU CHALAYE.” You will see and notice that the person you love is getting attracted to you, where ever you will go the person you want will follow you, will get attracted to your personality and will try to contact you also.


It would be best if you can cast this spell outside your house.



Love spell chant is another free and easy love spell where you will only chant and the more you chant the more positive energy you will send in the universe and this spell will send your love energy to many places and your magic will be visible where ever you go.

Remember that love spells chant should be used only for good, you cannot use this spell to break someone love relation and get back your lover etc. The Free Love Spell Chant had to be used only for good purpose and good intention.

Early morning at 7 you will start chanting these words YAA MADAT YAA MUJHE MILE VO ABHI.

You may chant these words as much as you can every day. Like when you are watching T.V, or while you are travelling chant these words, it’s like the more you will chant faster results you will and at that time will you will get lots of surprises.



This is a very effective and powerful love spell. If you feel that you have lost your love, and you feel that you will never get back your lost lover then yes this powerful and effective free love spell can help you to get back your lost lover as soon as possible.

To cast this spell, you will need some belongings of the person you love like hair, nail or any piece of his or her clothes.

You will need a bowl, add few pieces of lobaan inside in the bowl, then put the belongings of your lover in the bowl.

Once this is done you will need 10 strands of your hair and add it to the bowl. Once this is done then put the bowl on fire and while doing this chant these words “NOOMA PURA KAAM JALD LOVE MILE”, chant these words 360 times.

After the chanting is over remove the bowl from the fire.

Once this is done keep the bowl in one small corner of your house and every day take one small stone (very small piece) and put that’ stone in the bowl and while doing this keep in your mind by you are putting the stone in the bowl.

Every morning before sunrise keep adding one stone in the bowl.

As you will keep on adding the stone in the bowl, your lost love will start contacting you and will come back to you.



This is again another strong and powerful love spell and the main idea is the Bind your lover or capture the heart of your love in your life in such a way that the bond between you and your lover will always be there and you both will be together forever and so the name of this spell is BINDING LOVE SPELL.

You will need clay and make 2 dolls with the clay you have. You will make 2 dolls where one will represent you and the other doll will represent your lover.

Once the dolls are ready then on the first doll engrave your name and your mother’s name and on the second doll write the name of your lover and his or her mothers name.

Then you will need knitting needle and one red ribbon. With the needle make one small hole in each doll and with the red ribbon tie both the dolls together in such a way that the dolls are closely placed with each other as the dolls will represent you and your lover.

Then you will catch the 2 dolls with your right hand and face the dolls towards the universe and loudly chant “HAR KAAM PYAAR SAAT ANDOMANER PURA HUA”. Chant these words 40 times every morning facing the doll towards the sky and then keep the 2 dolls in your room where you sleep. Remember the dolls have to be in your room every day.

This is a very Ancient Egyptian Love Spell to Bind your lover to you. So Conquers Your Lovers heart with my powerful Binding Love Spells. Also remember that many times this spell is irreversible so unless you are sure that you want to be in a long; lasting relationship with your lover then only cast this powerful spell.



You can use Sandal Spell to Bring Back Lost Love. Remember this spell will require lost of positive energy that you will send to the universe and in return you will get back your lost love and you will win the love and affections of the person you love.

Remember white Spell casting see that you will only use a Green Color Candle, as any other candle and bring negative or no results at all. You will have to take a red ink and engrave your name and your lovers name on the candle.

Then chant these words “HOLY PYAAR ANUMAN JALD AAJAAYE PITAR”. You will chant these words first 40 times and then burn the candle, face the direction of the candle towards the sky and then concentrate releasing lots of positive energy into the universe and keep your intention clear that you want your lost lover back in your life.

By this you will see that the universe will also be with you and all the energies will bring your love back in your arms.




The concept of White Magic Love Spell is to Attract Your Lover back to you, rekindle your Love Relation, or get Back Your Lost Love or Lover or Find your Soul mate or True Love.

This spell is very strong and powerful and was invented during Egyptians era. Remember you can cast white magic spell to force someone to come to you, you will have to be positive, calm, happy with lots of positive energies as you will be taking the help of high spirits while casting this spell.

So if you have lost your lover and you need to Bring Back Your Ex, so what you will be doing is bring a White Chart Paper. Write the name of 4 spirits Abaddon, Beelzebub, Ahriman and Betis at the 4 corners of the chart paper.

In the center of the chart write your full name and the name of your lover. Take a red candle and a white candle. Place the red candle on your name and place the white candle on the name of your lover.

Then light the candle and focus on the light and with full concentration command the spirits to bring back your lover back to you and while concentrating chants the words “ANA MANA ZUR JUR NOM”, chant these words continuously emitting lots of positive energy in the universe.

You will see that the spirits will get active, they will force the person you love to remove all the negative thoughts from your lover’s mind and he or she will come back to you.




As we all are aware that Black Magic is evil and only used to cause, harm, trouble, problems etc. And everybody says that we all should be away from Black Magic.

Yes, this is correct but we can cast Black Magic Spell for a good cause or a good purpose, as black magic spells many times show very strong and powerful results and that also faster compared to white magic spells, and so it is advisable to cast Black magic Spell for Good.

Some of the reasons why you may Cast the Black Magic Love Spell is

  1. If love your lover too much, but that person does not value your love or realize how much you love him/her
  2. Your Lover left you for someone else and you know that your lover will not be happy with the other person and so you need your lover to come back to you
  3. You are happy in your love relation, but you are scared that you will lose your lover, or someone is trying to cast spells on your love relation or if people are poisoning your lovers mind against you.

If your lover is always rude to you and you are not happy and sad and want your lover to change and be good to you.

  1. e) If you are not happy and you are unsecured as you are having lots of problems with your lover like unnecessary fights and quarrels every day and you feel that your relation will not last long etc.

What you will need to do is make 2 clay dolls, where one will represent you and the other doll will be your lover. On one doll engrave your name and on the other doll engrave your lover’s name.

With a Red Ink you will write these words on both the dolls KAALA JADU MINAJ SAMBAHL TORA. Once this is done then you will have to tie both the dolls with the help of a black thread in such a way that no one can remove the 2 dolls easily.

After this is done you will have to go to a cemetery and burry both the dolls in such a way that they cannot be removed easily. This Black Magic Spell is simple but very strong and effective.




soul mate love spell is very strong and powerful as it will take your positive energy that is generated from you, and this energy will be accepted by the universe and once this happens the universe will find your soul mate.

You will get intuitions and your sub conscious mind will direct you to the place where your soul mate will be waiting for you.

Here you will first take your spiritual bath in the night after that while going to the bed say about 11 in the night, keep your concentration very strong and meditate, and try to communicate with the universe.

Yes, this is possible you just need to be alone and do proper meditation. Chant these words 60 times KAINAAT SUNE ISHQ MAUJOOD HO.

Once you have done this then just close your eyes with the intention that soon you will communicate with your soul mate.

You may do every night and soon you will see that your soul mate will communicate with you, Don’t make your love life fall, take help of expert love spells caster to cast spells for your love life to make it happy and the way you need.

Find How love spells work, Inquire now. If you have any questions in mind or need to cast any special spell.

Email me your name, birth date. I will Cast spells as per your wish and need.