Do the Love spells work? (And the one way to FORCE a man to feel the same as YOU)

Can true love be foretold? How quickly can you tell if someone you meet today is really right for you TOMORROW? And if you get a man anyway, are you crushed or insane to feel about him the same way, even if he doesn’t?

As a professional publisher of love, relationship and romantic advice with thousands of articles and hundreds of thousands of readers, there are two questions women ask in every country, every continent and every culture in the world.

1. Is he the ONE? (And if not… Where is he? ” 2-” Is he as in love with me as I am with him… and if not, what can I do to make him feel the same way? ” Unfortunately, many women end up being snookered, suckered and scammed by ” magical ” solutions and spells of love are one of the most frequently asked AFTER.

With this in mind, here are a few facts, myths and misconceptions about love spells that you really ought to know.

1. Genuine psychics, visionaries, sensitives and emotional empathy do NOT perform or offer sorts of love, hexes or anything to alter the emotional bond or karmic link between two people.

2. There is no evidence that love spells, or any similar practice, even WORKS. (Although there are people who will tell you there is evidence, I never saw anything that was credible to me, and I saw a lot of extraordinary experiences!)

3. True love is never conceived, never compelled or constrained. Everyone has an authentic ” passion ” partner in life, and you have to find them (and your journey). Anyone who believes in the spiritual truth of karma understands that this is true and any action to CHANGE this, even if possible, would violate this idea.

You can cast a BEST kind of love spell over someone you have a crush? Kill them! Kill them! Kill the KINDNESS! Be open, honest and aggressive and show somebody what you care about.

Authenticity is an APHRODISIAL that most men can’t (and won’t) ignore, and even if it takes longer than you want it to be THE ONE for you, your unique connection, and how you show it, it will overwhelm him until he has that ” A-ha ” moment you’re both waiting for.

The one thing I learned intuitively is that true love knows no limits and can not be contained, restricted or kept away from those who BE together.